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This Christmas season has been quite hectic for us!  We left the day after Thanksgiving for Michigan to attend {and Mike was in} a wedding.  Which meant I got a late start on Christmas prep … but the wedding was a blast and beautiful so it was worth it for sure.

We decorated for Christmas, got our tree and hung the outside Christmas lights all in one weekend.  I don’t recommend this .. by Sunday night we were not spreading Christmas cheer for all to hear.

This is the first year that ALL of our family is living in the same state so our Christmas shopping list grew a little … which I would rather have then to spend Christmas apart.

AND we are leaving soon to spend a few days in NYC to take in all their Christmas festivities!

I love all of this .. but that leaves little time for some other things – like Christmas Goodies for co-workers and neighbors.  I had lofty expectations for myself to begin with, I was going to make homemade apple butter and scones to package up.  That was until I realized how many apples 6 pounds really is! {and Mike talked me out of it – maybe next year!}  So I went the easy route .. and if you’re looking for something easy .. keep reading!


Quick Christmas Goodie

Easy Hot Cocoa Mugs

What you’ll need:

box of instant hot ccocoa mix {# of boxes depends on # of mugs – i used 3 packs per cup}

bag of mini marshmallows {one bag = 6 mugs}

cellophane bags


Start with one mug – I had some left over from my table at the Ladies Christmas Tea so I used those.  However I think different Christmas mugs would be great or even just mugs that are Christmas colors!  Either way they have a bunch at the Dollar Store so it won’t cost a fortune.

Quick Christmas Goodie

Place your cellophane bag in it.

Quick Christmas Goodie

Dump in three packets of the instant hot cocoa mix.

Quick Christmas Goodie

Put in two hand-fulls of mini marshmallows.

Quick Christmas Goodie

Tie closed with ribbon.

Quick Christmas Goodie

{and also ask your husband to lay flat on the couch so that his arms and feet don’t ruin the pretty picture}

Quick Christmas Goodie

Add a Candy Cane for a stirring mechanism and pop in an adorable tag …
that you can download for free right HERE.

There you have it, I don’t know if there is anything more simple.  I suppose you could just stick a bow on the box of instant hot cocoa mix 🙂

Richard Christmas Card Richard_Christmas_Card2