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A few weeks ago we (my best friend Marie, the mommy-to-be’s mom and sister-in-law – Gloria and Kristen) hosted a beautiful shower for my other best friend Chelsea. Got that? Let me throw one more into the mix – Ashley, who is giving Chelsea (and her husband Dan – ok another one) the best gift of all – she is carrying their baby girl. If you didn’t follow all that – no worries – we are here to talk about the shower anyways 🙂

Chelsea has decided on a Rustic Woodland Nursery and we took that and ran with it for the shower as well. Starting off with the invitation – I created this invitation with watercolor feels and a cute little girly deer – and we used it to springboard the rest of the shower.


This invitation is now available in the shop and can be found here.

The shower was held in the activities room at Chelsea’s church that included a big open space, lots of natural light, plenty of seating and a stage! We took advantage of it all! There were six tables set up in the open area for guests.

  • Tip: When planning a shower / event where everyone might not know each other (or even if they do) plan seating for about 5-10 extra – depending on your space. Most people do not want to sit right next to each other .. especially when you have 10 chairs around a table.

For the table coverings we used pastel pink paper table cloths and a craft paper runner. One centerpiece (oh, we’ll get to those next) per table, small wooden pieces scattered about and a fun icebreaker at each seat.


Let’s talk about these centerpieces. When Marie and I were first brainstorming this shower it was more of a “boho woodland” theme … inevitably it went more rustic woodland but these pieces were still the star of the show. Our initial inspiration was this …

We decided to go for a birch tree look on the bottom, more flowers and less no feathers on the top. Marie and her husband are rockstars and made the base birch tree sticks from some simple wooden dowels .. they cut, sanded and painted them.

We then used a small foam ball and pushed the sticks through to make the tripod, from there we inserted faux florals to create these finished products.


Theses were but together by three best friends who had not seen each other in person for some time … needless to say there are no “during” pictures. There was a lot of talking and swearing because … household kitchen scissors don’t cut wire.

  • Tip: Faux Florals (even ones from Walmart and Dollar Tree) have wire in them, use wire clippers to cut them.

One of my favorite things about these is that one of them now resides in the baby’s room. A sweet reminder to momma of all the people that love and support her during this exciting time.

The icebreaker at the table was something called “Wishes for Baby” it was a simple card that listed things like “I hope you learn to …. ” or “I hope you get mommy’s …” and the guests filled out the blanks. It’s a fun way to get people involved in the shower right away and a thoughtful keepsake for the parents to be to go through later.


I’ve made this exact version a Free Download for you … just click HERE or on the picture to download. There are two to a page and when cut out are 5×7 in size.

One of the things I like to do when multiple people are hosting a shower is have each person in charge of a game. That way everyone is involved in hosting and talking to the guests.

Kristen did the Clothespin Game – each guest is given a clothespin at the beginning of the shower and if any other guest hears them say the word “baby” they have to give up their clothespin – the person with the most clothespin’s at the end of the shower wins!


Marie was so gracious to provide all the prizes for the games. She creates custom glasses, cups and tumblers with her business Moms and Munchkins – see all her amazing work HERE. These cool wine glasses made perfect prizes and can be used not only for wine but makeup brush holders, pen / pencil holders, etc.


Another activity we had – and by we, I mean Marie – was a onesie and bib making station. While this might not be an option for everyone to do for a shower (because you’ll need a cricut or like machine and heat transfer vinyl). You could always modify the idea and use fabric or puffy paint.

Each guest got to pick out sayings and design pieces to create their own custom design.

  • Tip: When doing a onesie station be sure to use all different sizes – the baby wont possibly be able to wear them all in one size. Also incorporate other items like bibs – especially when you have a lot of guests.

People love to take picture’s with the Mommy To Be at the shower so I like to create a space specifically for that. For this shower we used balloon garland to create a fun back drop for pictures. This balloon garland tape, about 50 balloons and some vine ribbon and you’re done!


The Mommy To Be and Grandma <3

Now one of the best parts of this shower was the FOOD! Gloria (grandma) and Kristen made a beautiful spread of salads and sandwiches. Everything was delicious and looked amazing too!


Of course we had to have something sweet too … we opted for a plain Costco Cake … if you have not had a Costco Cake before you are missing out. Best $18 you’ll ever spend on a party. I put together a cute little “Cakescape” for it and added some edible glitter stars for a little extra touch.

I really like to put thought into favors, lets face it … most of them just sit on our kitchen counter for a few days before we throw them away. I like to make favors either edible or have a specific use.

Marie aimed us high on this one and figured out how to do Cake Pops. I must admit I was skeptical because we’ve tried them before with no such luck.

I am happy to report though, with all her research and the right techniques we were able to pull it off and they turned out great. At least my son thought so 😉


I was really so pleased with the way this shower turned out. It was such a special shower for us (yes, I mean us .. all three of us). These girls are my best friends and it was so great to get to work with one to honor the other for something we’ve been waiting and praying on for so long.


Now … we just await the sweet little nugget’s arrival!