Baby Shower

Woodland Baby Shower For Baby Bash

While I’d much rather host a Baby Shower for someone else, I was honored to have such an awesome shower thrown for me and Baby Sebastian a few weeks ago.  My friends and family came together as a group effort to really give me a special day and now I want to share that with you!  My best friend Marie really exercised her creative muscles for this one and impressed us all with a lot of the decorations and ideas.  She did however let me do just a few things, and I’m grateful for that! {she knows how much I love this stuff}

The theme was Woodland – like his nursery.  A little tip – by making the Baby Shower and Nursery the same theme you can end up using items from the nursery to decorate the shower and items from the shower to decorate the nursery! Its a win-win!

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RSVP Etiquette Wamp Designs

Etiquette Series: The RSVP

While I understand the prim and proper etiquette schools and books have become a thing of the past I feel as though there is still a place for some etiquette guidance … especially when it comes to interacting with others {and where else do you interact the most, than at gatherings and events}.  So my etiquette series is continuing with the all important RSVP.

Before we get into the rights and wrongs of this request let’s first talk about exactly what it stands for and what it means. RSVP is an abbreviation of the French phrase “Répondez s’il vous plaît.” Translated it simply means “reply, if you please”.  While that is the correct translation, it should be replaced with “Please Respond” because if you have ever hosted an event before you know how important it is to know who is {or how many are} attending.

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What To {and not to} Include On Your Invitations

Let me preface here that I am talking about invitations for events like showers, birthdays and dinner parties.  I AM NOT talking about wedding invitations because they are a whole different animal and require a totally separate post all on their own.  With that being said I wanted to talk about the information that you should {and shouldn’t} put on your invitations to leave your guests with no questions – but also not giving them a novel to remember.

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wamp designs valentine's day printable roundup
Free Download, Holiday

Valentine’s Day Free Printables

When I set out to make you guys a cute free download for Valentine’s Day I quickly discovered how many there are out there on Pinterest alone.  So I thought, instead of just adding to the masses I would pick out some of the best that I have come across and share them with you!  They are all linked so that if one inspires you, download away!

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Magnolia Silos - Wamp Designs
Book Review, Personal Life

How JoAnna Gaines Inspired More Than Just My Home Decor

Lately I have been enamored with all things Chip and JoAnna Gaines.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved them from Season One but lately I have been getting more and more intrigued and inspired by them.

To start, I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Magnolia Silos over the holiday season.  That experience alone got my creative juices flowing.  I thought, since we just moved into a new home and its basically empty, I would be inspired for everything home decor {and I was}. However, a stronger sense of inspiration came in the form of business, entrepreneurship and creativity that I really wasn’t expecting.  To see Waco first hand and to see how much Chip and JoAnna have brought to the town was really incredible.  In a town where the main attraction was the Dr. Pepper Museum they have built something really awe inspiring. Walking around the Silos you could see every creative detail and feel the sense of family and community that made you want to stay all day.

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Baby Shower, Etiquette

The Controversial Baby Sprinkle

Having hosted both a few Baby Showers and a few Baby Sprinkles I have heard it all.  Should you have one if you are having the same sex baby again? Aren’t Baby Showers for your first baby only? Do Baby Sprinkles appear greedy? Why can’t we celebrate all children being born, not just the first one?  The thoughts and opinions can {and will} go both ways.  Since Baby Sprinkles are relatively new on the scene  there is little to go on, etiquette wise, so what I’d like to offer a few different view points to help you guide your way though hosting, attending or being the momma of honor at a Baby Sprinkle.

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Maries Baby Sprinkle
Baby Shower

Marie’s Baby Sprinkle

I had the privilege and the honor of co-hosting by very best friend, Marie’s, Baby Sprinkle with our other very best friend, Chelsea.  {you know that whole three musketeers thing …} Anyways, Marie is having her second baby boy, due in August, and we wanted to make sure that she felt just as special as she did with Landon {her first boy}

I have heard a lot of different opinions about Baby Sprinkles.  Should you have one if you are having the same sex baby again? Aren’t Baby Showers for your first baby only? Do Baby Sprinkles appear greedy? Why can’t we celebrate all children being born, not just the first one?

With all of these questions I’ve decided to start something called the Etiquette Series where I’ll research and answer these questions and many more like them to the best of my ability.  Or possibly just give you different perspectives to see these thoughts from.  For now though .. lets talk about the Baby Sprinkle that did happen!

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Design Process

A Mid-Year Re-Focus On My Brand

Well, this blog post was supposed to be a book review, at least that is what my schedule says.  HOWEVER .. I changed my mind, and fittingly this post is about changes, changes that I’ve been thinking about making to Wamp Design’s brand which I’m now going to put into motion.

I was reviewing my goals for the rest of the year and they are to design party kits and wedding invitations, which I’m super excited about!  This got me thinking about why I started Wamp Designs and the direction I’m taking it in.  Perhaps it is time for a much needed change since where I started and where I am at now are vastly different.

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