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Rustic Woodland Baby Girl Shower

Rustic Woodland Baby Girl Shower

A few weeks ago we (my best friend Marie, the mommy-to-be's mom and sister-in-law - Gloria and Kristen) hosted a beautiful shower for my other best friend Chelsea. Got that? Let me throw one more into the mix - Ashley, who is giving Chelsea (and her husband Dan - ok...

Sebastian’s 2nd Birthday

Sebastian’s 2nd Birthday

I cannot believe my first born is two already, actually what I cannot believe is that I have not created a blog post since he was born! Thats right, the last blog post I made was about his birth announcement. While my blog / site did take a back seat for two years,...

Hi! I’m Jessica and I love to design and create! Whether its a bathroom redesign or a two year old’s birthday party .. creating is my jam!  I’m excited to share all those things with you here 🙂

I’m also a proud wife and momma to two sweet kids, when I’m not creating, I’m living life with them

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