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Summer is almost here! You know what that means – graduation! Whether your senior is graduating high school, college or more I’ve got the low down on Graduation Announcements.  Let’s first point out that there are two different types that are floating around out there.  The traditional announcement which shares the name, school, and perhaps the next steps in schooling and then there is the invitation announcement which shares the same information but also includes invitation information to a graduation ceremony / party.  No matter which you are sending out {or receiving} I’ve curated the who, when, and why etiquette for you.

graduation announcements

Why should I send them?

  1. It’s a traditional – If Martha Stewart says you should do it …. you should do it.
  2. Just like other major life events, you want to show of your child’s {or you’re own if you are sending them yourself} accomplishment with family and friends.  Brag a little .. you deserve it.
  3. It is a keepsake – not only for you but I’m sure grandma has a scrapbook she would like to include it in.

Who should get them?

Graduation Announcements can / should be sent to anyone you would send a family Christmas card to.  If you don’t want to go that big then making sure you send them to close friends and family, especially those that are too far to celebrate in person would be plenty.  Also keep in mind those who have helped your child with their achievement – teachers, tutors, classmates, guidance counselors, etc.

Many ceremonies now have very limited seating and therefore only immediate family usually attends the ceremony.  However the graduation invite should be sent to anyone you want to attend the graduation party!  Keep in mind that not only will family be invited but the graduate’s friends should be considered as well.  Before planning the party it’s important to discuss who will be invited to the party and what the tone of the party will be.  Sometimes you may find that two separate parties {one for family and one for friends} might be necessary.  You can also think about giving the family an earlier time to come and friends a later time to be able to have time to celebrate appropriately with both.

When should I send them?

If you are sending Graduation Invites – one month prior would be sufficient.  Just like any event invitation you need to give your guests time to put in their schedule and RSVP.

If you are just sending Graduation Announcements – two weeks prior to the ceremony up to two weeks after the ceremony.

Graduation Gift Etiquette

If you are the recipient of a Graduation Announcement you are not required to send a gift.  Don’t feel like you have to, however if you want to that is your choice.

If you are the recipient of a Graduation Invitation you should bring a gift if you are attending or send a gift if you cannot attend.  The gift does not have to be extravagant {think birthday party} something as simple as a bouquet of flowers to something needed for further schooling {college} and of course, when in doubt, cash.

Creating / Ordering Announcements

Traditionally you should include a picture {or a few} of the graduating senior.  Many high school seniors have “senior pictures” taken and those would be the best to use.  If you do not have senior pictures be sure to use a good quality picture for printing purposes.  Be sure to include the school they are graduating from and of course the year.  When ordering be sure to print a few extra for keepsakes and last minute invites.

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So that is the low down on graduation announcements – if you have any more questions or information to add please comment!  And Congrats to everyone graduating this year – what an accomplishment!



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