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While many have been setting their goals and getting ready for 2016 over the past weekend … I was resting.  My brain is programmed to start fresh every Monday and I could not comprehend the freshest start {a whole new year} taking place any time but a Monday. {Even though this will be posted on Tuesday … I’m working on it on Monday. Ha!}

A new year in the Richard household means new goals. One thing that my husband has instilled in me {and I am quite grateful for} is setting goals.  I remember a conversation we had early in our relationship about goals.  He was very adamant about setting them and I wanted nothing to do with them.  Why? Because I didn’t want the disappointment of not meeting them.  I didn’t want to set out to do something and fail or not achieve it in time.  I remember it being a heated conversation too – needless to say – I was just scared.

Over the next few years I watched as he set goals for himself and met them, each year he was getting better in some aspect of his life.  Then he got some advice from his boss.  He began to write his personal and business goals down on paper at the beginning of each year, he then folded it up and put them in a little plastic protector and every day he put them in his pocket.  Every morning in the pocket they went.  They became a part of his phone, wallet and keys.

The idea behind this was that everyday when he put those little pieces of paper in his pocket it reminded him of the goals he set for himself.  With a daily reminder of what you set out to accomplish you will end up doing more to achieve those goals.  When you write your goals down in a notebook and eventually that notebook gets shuffled away, your goals are far away from your mind – you tend to forget and lose steam.

After witnessing his goal setting and seeing this I’ve decided to give it a try.  After all it gives me an excuse to write another list!!

Since I don’t always leave the house nor do I always wear something that has pockets I have opted for something a little different.  My new obsession – The Simplified Planner – will be the home for my list of goals.  I open this planner multiple times a day and my entire life is wrapped up in it.  And since I am a Graphic Designer I want my goals list to be pretty! I also want to be able to share it with my friends … so here you go!


personal goals image


I want to start simple so I only put a spot for three goals – these are my personal goals – things I want to do to better my life and relationships.  I also included a blank one so if you have more or less goals you can use that one {and not feel confined to just three}

my personal goals

My first goal is carried over from last year .. I started out strong and finished six months and six books but as the wedding came closer I fell off the wagon.  My second goal I actually have had as a New Years Resolution for many years and I have yet to accomplish it .. this will be the year! Finally, I really would like to kick the procrastination habit it have.  Something as simple as washing the dishes each night rather than waiting till the next day, to as big as implementing my business ideas and not just thinking about them.  I want to get things done when they need to be done.  I’ve also included a little quote on these goal cards .. because who doesn’t love an inspirational quote??

Now Mike {my husband} does the same for his personal and business goals – two different sheets of paper, both folded and placed in his pocket.  Following the idea of writing them down and seeing them everyday.  I have created a Business Goals Printable that will go on my clipboard … this clipboard is my brain … it holds my To Do List {which you can download HERE} this list is my lifeline.

I’ve broken it down by quarter – I felt that monthly was too much for me but yearly was too vague.

business goals image pinnable

With my business being fairly new I left the last two quarters TBD .. that way I can asses where I am half way through the year and plan goals for the rest of 2016.

So there you have it a New Year with New Goals and New Printables!  And if you haven’t noticed or are reading my blog for the first time, this is a New Site! You can visit my old site {Here} to get some more information and free downloads.  I plan to share some of the popular posts from the old site throughout the year.

Have A Great Year!