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So I was doing some planning … blog post content planning … and scanning all the Pinterest posts that help you brainstorm some topics and I kept coming across this one and thought it would be a great one to do since I was looking at all these blogs for content inspiration!

While deciding on which blogs I wanted to include in this I found that they fell into three categories, so I’ll break it down that way for you.


wit and wander


I follow Wit & Wander because she does similar products to mine, in that they are graphics and party items.  I’m always interested to see what people in my area of design are working on.  I also like to see the bit of personal touches she adds to her blog as well as the over all feel of her site – it’s personal and real.

J Lynn Designery


I’m not going to lie, I was initially attracted to this blog because of her Instagram account that features her adorable Guinea Pigs!  After exploring her blog though I found that she is very inspirational when it comes branding and professional graphic designs.  You can also get lost in her images as if you were sitting at her desk with her and her little furry friends.





career contessa

Whether you are just starting out in the professional world, a full time career girl or run your own business from home this site has something to offer.  I signed up for the monthly newsletter and it is the only one that I do read religiously. Great Information. Great Inspiration.

maketing creativity

I stumbled upon this blog when I was looking for help with getting my Etsy Shop up and running.  I wanted tips, guides, anything I could get my hands on and I hit the jackpot when I found Lisa.  I have since followed her on all social media and participated in her classes on Creative Live.

by regina

I  find by Regina helpful in setting up, working on, and future plans for my own business.  She has great tools for branding and product launching.  I’ve really been able to pull in the reigns on my vision for Wamp Designs with her tools and have been inspired to come into my own as an entrepreneur in the next year.




mix and match mama


I started following Shay because I am a Bachelor fan and she is Sean’s {from a couple seasons ago} sister.  After spending what seemed like a couple hours on her blog in one sitting I was hooked! She is so personable and is what I aspire to be – She is a wife and mom, a creative entrepreneur, woman of faith and makes it all look so fun!  If I could move to Texas and be her neighbor tomorrow … I would.


If you look at her blog you might find something a little familiar … that’s right … I copied her WordPress Theme.  I couldn’t help myself! I just loved it.  Besides the blog design I love the fun posts she shares, the fun she seems to be having all the time and the uplifting way you feel after you spend a couple minutes at her site

jillian harris

I started following Jillian on social media after seeing her on Love It or List It Too – I fall in love with every redesign she does on the show – and come to find out – she used to be the Bachelorette!  Once I found her blog I was hooked.  Talk about home eye candy … I love E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! I know I’ll never be able to have that much white in my house but I love to look at it!


Now … of course you might wonder why I didn’t list Joanna Gaines Blog on here … especially since she is my Spirit Animal! Ha! Well that is because I love her blog, market, homes, TV show, bakery, paint line, furniture line, rug line, not even printed yet book so much,  I feel that I have to dedicate an entire blog post to her.  So that will be shared in the future 🙂

I’d love to hear what blogs you guys follow – I’m always looking for inspiration, information and of course a little bit of fun!

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