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Well, this blog post was supposed to be a book review, at least that is what my schedule says.  HOWEVER .. I changed my mind, and fittingly this post is about changes, changes that I’ve been thinking about making to Wamp Design’s brand which I’m now going to put into motion.

I was reviewing my goals for the rest of the year and they are to design party kits and wedding invitations, which I’m super excited about!  This got me thinking about why I started Wamp Designs and the direction I’m taking it in.  Perhaps it is time for a much needed change since where I started and where I am at now are vastly different.

the beginning

When I first started Wamp Designs my goal was to be a graphic design business for corporate clients.  I was thinking: logos, business cards, pamphlets, presentations, websites, etc.  I first found my love of graphic design in that setting, it was what I knew, what I learned.  I loved the organized layout of a business pamphlet, figuring out the cohesive feel between all marketing pieces, and the clean crisp business look.

the transition

I also loved creating invitations and decor for my friends bridal showers, baby showers, and birthday parties.  In fact, I found that kind of design to be more rewarding … Cue: The Etsy Shop.  However, my thinking was more – I can create anything so I’m going to create everything.  The shop had no consistency – I had invitations, printable quotes, fantasy football boards, greeting cards, etc.



the now

Where I am now is graphic design for personal events, invitations and party decorations. I find that I can use my creativity in so many more ways.  I get to blend my work with my hobbies.  I no longer have to wait for a friend or family member to have an exciting life event to get my creative juices flowing.  I want to focus on the showers, birthdays and weddings of the world.

That being said I think its time for a change in my branding.  In all of my research and learning about having an Etsy Shop, Blog and Small Business its all about branding – cohesive, niche related – branding.

Looking at what I have now, its not cohesive.  My original logo came from the mind set of my original idea. Then, when I created my website I was in that transition phase from corporate to party invitations – so it has some whimsy to it.  With the mismatch of finding my way and learning, none of my branding pieces go with each other.  You wouldn’t know what I do just by looking at any individual part of Wamp Designs.  I don’t portray a party designer.

So I’ve added goal to this quarter – to re-brand.  Well, really to brand Wamp Designs correctly.  I’ll be rolling out a new logo, refreshing the website, Etsy Shop and social media.  Adding new pieces to my marketing and finding my voice as a business. So stay tuned.