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Having hosted both a few Baby Showers and a few Baby Sprinkles I have heard it all.  Should you have one if you are having the same sex baby again? Aren’t Baby Showers for your first baby only? Do Baby Sprinkles appear greedy? Why can’t we celebrate all children being born, not just the first one?  The thoughts and opinions can {and will} go both ways.  Since Baby Sprinkles are relatively new on the scene  there is little to go on, etiquette wise, so what I’d like to offer a few different view points to help you guide your way though hosting, attending or being the momma of honor at a Baby Sprinkle.

Baby Sprinkle

Let’s Start With The What …

What is a Baby Sprinkle? By basic definition it is a small gathering to celebrate a mother’s second, third or fourth child.  As it is a smaller affair it is called a Sprinkle {rather than a Shower – how clever}.

The Issue Most People, Against Sprinkles, Have …

Now let’s get real.  Some people find this tacky or greedy on the Mother’s part.  Having already had a Baby Shower for their first child, they have the necessities for a baby.  Why am I now required to give you more gifts? How many more babies are you going to have in which I’ll need to buy even more gifts? The majority of women attending baby showers are in the season of life where they have a wedding, bridal shower or baby shower every other weekend.  As much as we all love celebrating these momentous occasions – it gets to be a bit much after a while.  So adding yet another “saturday afternoon shower” can get daunting, I get it.  But ..

My Take. And These Are Entirely My Thoughts, So Your Allowed To Disagree …

If someone wants to host a Baby Sprinkle for you, then let them.  Do not ask someone to do this for you.  While I have yet to have children of my own, I would like to think that each of my children will be treated and loved equally, both in the womb and out.  Just because you are the first child means you are the only one that gets the celebration? The only one that has pictures and memories of Mommy with friends and family celebrating your impending arrival? I just don’t think it’s fair.  Now, don’t get me wrong, there is a certain way to go about it – to come in the next paragraph – but I think all pregnancies should have some sort of acknowledgement. Also, as a side note, just because you receive and invitation does not mean you have to attend.

How To Ease The Issue And Be Respectful …

This is where you can get creative, and who doesn’t love to be creative? I listed below some ideas to help ease the issue that some people may have with Sprinkles, however still allow for celebration.

Blue Sprinkle Invite Wamp Designs

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  • Word the Invitation as a celebration of Mommy and not a “Stock The Nursery” – Specifically spell out No Gifts Required. Please, DO NOT make a registry for a Sprinkle.  Either go No Gifts or something like a Diaper Raffle or Book Party.
    • Diaper Raffle – Each guest brings as many packages of diapers as they want and receive a raffle ticket per package.  Then a drawing is held and the winner receives a NICE gift from the hostess or mommy.  Or a few tickets are drawn for some smaller gifts.
    • Book Party – The guest is only to bring their favorite children’s book for the new baby.  Only do this if you did not require a book at your Baby Shower.
  • Make the time frame shorter {perhaps 2 hours} and try to pick a time of the day where you’re guests can still have their morning or afternoon for themselves.
  • Make the guest list smaller.  Only invite close family members and friends.  If your concerned about your friends thoughts on this, only invite family members.
    • Interesting fact I learned: Etiquette says your Baby Shower {first baby} should only be given / hosted by a non-family member.

At The End Of The Day …

Use common sense.  You know your friends and family best, and you also know your needs for your family.  Don’t be greedy but don’t discount your new bundle of joy either.  A celebration could be anywhere between a Sprinkle to a quiet dinner with a few friends. Either way this miracle is coming and you should honor him or her.  Etiquette is ever evolving, maybe one day Martha will give us the guidelines but for now I want to give you two pieces of adapted etiquette advice.

  • MothersALWAYS write a thank you card, even if you received no gifts.  Your guests took time out of their lives to celebrate with you, be sure to acknowledge that.
  • Guests – Try not to bring a gift if the invitation said not to, this could cause awkwardness with the other guests.  Smaller, personal gifts are ok.  If you are on the fence, drop the gift off at another time.

I hope I haven’t ruffled any feathers out there, just wanted to offer so perspective from experience.  If any of my friends or family are reading this, you’re all getting Baby Sprinkles whether you like it or not.  I cannot pass up an opportunity to host these exciting events.