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Woodland Baby Shower For Baby Bash

Woodland Baby Shower For Baby Bash

While I'd much rather host a Baby Shower for someone else, I was honored to have such an awesome shower thrown for me and Baby Sebastian a few weeks ago.  My friends and family came together as a group effort to really give me a special day and now I want to share...

Etiquette Series: The RSVP

Etiquette Series: The RSVP

While I understand the prim and proper etiquette schools and books have become a thing of the past I feel as though there is still a place for some etiquette guidance ... especially when it comes to interacting with others {and where else do you interact the most,...

Hi! I’m Jessica and I love to design and create! Whether its a bathroom redesign or a two year old’s birthday party .. creating is my jam!  I’m excited to share all those things with you here 🙂

I’m also a proud wife and momma to two sweet kids, when I’m not creating, I’m living life with them

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