Clam Bake
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Clam Bake

Ever since I read Lauren Conrad’s Book: Celebrate I have wanted to do a Clam Bake in the worst way! I love everything thing about it! Coastal my favorite design aesthetic {my home is a mixture of coastal, rustic, and something else I can’t quite put my finger on}, everything comes out of one pot, you get your hands dirty and it makes dinner an experience.

My father-in-law’s birthday usually falls on or around Father’s Day {lucky him} and we thought it would be a great time to have the Clam Bake to celebrate, since he LOVES good food too.  I had also just found a 32 quart sock pot for $30 at a Flea Market {don’t worry, it was new}.

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Book Review

Lauren Conrad: Celebrate

About a month or so ago I was at my husband’s convention for work and heard a guest speaker who talked about reading.  He was somehow {business} related to Mark Cuban and said that the number one thing that stuck out about Mark and made him different from anyone else he had ever met in business … what his reading.  He read books on any and everything he wanted to know about and rarely was there a down moment when he didn’t have a book in hand.

This struck me, I’ve always loved to read but of course in a busy life it is often thrown to the way side.  I mean if I have 10 extra minutes I’m scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest … right?  Well right there I decided to make an effort to read more and to read more in my niche .. events.  While right at this moment I’m focusing more on the invitations and decor of events I would like to snowball into every aspect of events {my 20 year plan}.

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Graduation Announcements – What You Need To Know

Summer is almost here! You know what that means – graduation! Whether your senior is graduating high school, college or more I’ve got the low down on Graduation Announcements.  Let’s first point out that there are two different types that are floating around out there.  The traditional announcement which shares the name, school, and perhaps the next steps in schooling and then there is the invitation announcement which shares the same information but also includes invitation information to a graduation ceremony / party.  No matter which you are sending out {or receiving} I’ve curated the who, when, and why etiquette for you.

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blogs I follow
Design Process

Favorite Blogs To Follow

So I was doing some planning … blog post content planning … and scanning all the Pinterest posts that help you brainstorm some topics and I kept coming across this one and thought it would be a great one to do since I was looking at all these blogs for content inspiration!

While deciding on which blogs I wanted to include in this I found that they fell into three categories, so I’ll break it down that way for you.

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Design Process

New Year … New Goals

While many have been setting their goals and getting ready for 2016 over the past weekend … I was resting.  My brain is programmed to start fresh every Monday and I could not comprehend the freshest start {a whole new year} taking place any time but a Monday. {Even though this will be posted on Tuesday … I’m working on it on Monday. Ha!}

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Free Download, Holiday

Quick Christmas Goodie

This Christmas season has been quite hectic for us!  We left the day after Thanksgiving for Michigan to attend {and Mike was in} a wedding.  Which meant I got a late start on Christmas prep … but the wedding was a blast and beautiful so it was worth it for sure.

We decorated for Christmas, got our tree and hung the outside Christmas lights all in one weekend.  I don’t recommend this .. by Sunday night we were not spreading Christmas cheer for all to hear.

This is the first year that ALL of our family is living in the same state so our Christmas shopping list grew a little … which I would rather have then to spend Christmas apart.

AND we are leaving soon to spend a few days in NYC to take in all their Christmas festivities!

I love all of this .. but that leaves little time for some other things – like Christmas Goodies for co-workers and neighbors.  I had lofty expectations for myself to begin with, I was going to make homemade apple butter and scones to package up.  That was until I realized how many apples 6 pounds really is! {and Mike talked me out of it – maybe next year!}  So I went the easy route .. and if you’re looking for something easy .. keep reading!

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Ladies Christmas Tea

With all the fun holiday activities around Christmas time I believe I have found my favorite one!  When I was younger I used to participate in our church’s Ladies Christmas tea and it was always a nice time – but I was always a guest.

Now that we have started going back to church, I volunteered this year to host a table!  Basically when ladies sign up to host a table –  you are to decorate and fill your table with guests (or you can have an open table and they will seat people for you).

Decorate something else for Christmas?! – SIGN ME UP!

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Personal Life

The Big 3-0

Today … I turn 30.  The BIG 3-0. I have been asked {quite a bit} leading up to today how I feel about turning 30 and you know what .. I am perfectly fine with it. After thinking about it I am happy with what I’ve been through in my 20’s and what I have accomplished at the age of 30.

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