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The Controversial Baby Sprinkle

The Controversial Baby Sprinkle

Having hosted both a few Baby Showers and a few Baby Sprinkles I have heard it all.  Should you have one if you are having the same sex baby again? Aren’t Baby Showers for your first baby only? Do Baby Sprinkles appear greedy? Why can’t we celebrate all children being...

Marie’s Baby Sprinkle

Marie’s Baby Sprinkle

I had the privilege and the honor of co-hosting by very best friend, Marie's, Baby Sprinkle with our other very best friend, Chelsea.  {you know that whole three musketeers thing ...} Anyways, Marie is having her second baby boy, due in August, and we wanted to make...

Hi! I’m Jessica and I love to design and create! Whether its a bathroom redesign or a two year old’s birthday party .. creating is my jam!  I’m excited to share all those things with you here 🙂

I’m also a proud wife and momma to two sweet kids, when I’m not creating, I’m living life with them

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